Emergency Shelter

Changing lives through the power of Christ – Fellowship Missions Homeless shelter provides an emergency shelter and transitional housing for the homeless in our community.

While staying at Fellowship Missions each guest receives the following:

  • Nutritious meals
  • Clean clothing
  • Hot showers
  • Safe shelter
  • Weekly Bible studies
  • Christian mentoring

These Individuals are taking the first step toward recovery by seeking emergency services and are treated with Christ-like respect and dignity throughout their stay.

Catalyst Program (Self Sufficiency Program)

Fellowship Missions’ Catalyst Program assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness by providing transitional shelter, addressing needs and setting goals for long-term solutions. Our hope is to help residents rebuild their lives, help them get back on their feet so they can become self-sufficient members in our community through gaining housing, employment and overall well-being.

Through the Catalyst Programs discipleship Fellowship Missions can more effectively assess the barriers that block our residents from becoming self-sufficient. Through discipleship sessions with each program resident, disciplers will work alongside the resident to address these barriers from a biblical perspective.

The Catalyst Program will:

  • Teach biblical basics and life principles to use as their foundation of life.
  • Identify needs of each program resident and connect them with the appropriate resources in the community.
  • Raise awareness and educate on soft skills (problem solving, coping methods, goal setting, etc.) with individuals and families and mediate discussions on the root cause(s) of the problem(s).
  • Address the long-term needs by linking between government program assistance, social services, education, and health care organizations.
  • Track program by using tools such as Client Track, Self-Sufficiency Matrix, Daily Activity Logs, Goal Setting Worksheets, and Clinical Reports.