I came to Fellowship Missions homeless shelter after a failed relationship that really wasn’t one to begin with. I had to make a move quick, I had left my previous job before relocating. I had just started with my present employer. Where do I go with no license and very little in my pocket?  That’s when I did a search online for help.  Another facility showed up on the screen! I made a call to that facility, they were unable to help me with my situation, but were able to give me the phone number to Fellowship Missions homeless shelter. I made the call, the call to them. They were able to help. Upon the day my arrival I signed in and then headed to work. I have been told that I am a go-getter, a workaholic, and overachiever.  It was nice to know that I could have more then 30 days to get back up on my feet. During my stay at Fellowship I took a special position with my employer, yes two jobs for the same company. I was told from staff at Fellowship Missions that I may qualify for other assistance and help.  I was able to get an eye exam and new glasses, health insurance, a physical, and I see a physician on a regular basis. But when I first arrived I was very sick for several months off and on. The physician and I have my health pretty much under control. I took a position at the front desk at Fellowship Missions on my days off work. A staff member then told me that I might be eligible for housing! I put an application in thinking that I would not be approved, as I have no small children or a minor child in school. A few months later I received the letter of approval for housing.  My total stay a Fellowship Missions was nine months, which gave me time to get back up on my feet. I have an awesome apartment and I am able to make my monthly bills. Fellowship Missions has helped me in so many ways. I also made so many positive friends along the way and they are very supportive of me.  I could probably write a book. I feel every town and every state should have a place like Fellowship Missions! A place to feel safe, and be able to get back up on your feet in a family manner.  No one can do or achieve where I am at today in 30 days, it took me nine months to get me where I am. Thank you Fellowship Mission and myself.

-Laurie G