leroy Leroy had reached his all time low when his mother dropped him off at a gas station to survive the streets He had nowhere to go and nothing but the clothes on his back. His substance abuse had gotten so bad that his family and friends grew tired of bailing him out.

He quickly figured out he could use a department store’s lawn furniture to sleep on when they closed. Continuously worried the police or somebody else would find him, Leroy didn’t get much sleep. He went to a local food bank and ran into an old friend who referred him to Fellowship Missions.

For the first time in a long time, Leroy found a warm bed, food, and a shower. But Leroy says the most important thing he found at Fellowship Missions was fellowship. He was surrounded by men that shared a similar history and could relate to him without judging him. These men shared his past and would help him make a new future.

Leroy stayed at Fellowship Missions for four months. He moved on to get an apartment of his own and rekindled relationships with his kids. He committed himself to staying sober from alcohol and prescriptions medicines. Things were really look up for Leroy and when Leroy thought they couldn’t get better, they did.

Last night, June 25th, Leroy saw his Bible open. He started to cry and the hair on his arms stood up. He stayed up late talking to the Lord and thanking him for saving him. Last night, Leroy dedicated his life to the Lord. He said it was a high like he’d never experienced before and he woke up smiling. He called Fellowship Missions and asked that they share his story. He wants the world to know that the joy he’d been searching for in alcohol, prescription medicines, bad friendships and relationships, can only be found in Christ Jesus. – Leroy