nadine Nadine grew up with an abusive father. Once while taking a vacation to visit family in Michigan, the abuse seemed even more severe than usual. As the oldest child in her family, Nadine felt a strong desire to protect her younger siblings. They came to her hurt and asked that she talk to their mom. Nadine confronted her mother. Nadine told her mother that the children would not be leaving Michigan unless she left her father. Nadine’s mother did divorce her father, but her father did place a life long blame on Nadine for the divorce.

After nearly 25 years of marriage, Nadine’s own marriage also dissolved. Everything Nadine had grown accustom to was gone in an instant. She knew the divorce was wrong, but she had no other choice. Nadine was left with no job, no house, no vehicle, and no way to care for her children. Nadine headed back to Michigan to the only family she knew would help her.

While in Michigan, Nadine became withdrawn and depressed. She missed her children and her ex-husband. She felt alone. Nadine decided to come to back to Indiana to stay at Fellowship Missions. She felt comfortable right away and every person was optimistic and encouraging. Nadine became very close friends with a couple of other guests and credits these friends as helping her get through the rough times. Nadine also became especially close to a volunteer at the shelter. This volunteer spent a lot of time talking to her and listening. She advised Nadine to never give up.

Nadine didn’t give up. After three months of being at the shelter, Nadine’s ex husband surprised her with a visit. The two talked things through and took things very slow. The time apart made them realize how much they missed each other.

Today Nadine and her husband are back together. They plan to get married again and open up their own truck stop car wash business in Georgia or North Carolina. Nadine spends her free time writing in her journal.

“I’m thankful for the friends, the time, and the spiritual training that I gained while at Fellowship Missions. I know my husband is too.” -Nadine