Every winter when the temperatures drop below freezing, we open the shelter to provide services to anyone in need of a warm place to stay. In years past we have seen as much as a 26% increase in the number of people we help daily.

Winter Contingency at Fellowship Missions has two components…
  • The Gathering Room will be open during the day as a warming center for people who need to get out of the cold and warm up when daytime temps are below freezing. Guests will also be served lunch if they need a meal. The warming center hours are from 8:30am-4pm.
  • In addition to a daytime warming center, when overnight temps are below freezing we take in as many people as we can safely fit. Check in for those needing a warm place to sleep is from 4pm – 8pm. If all regular shelter beds are full, those staying on cots must vacate the shelter living areas by 8:30am. They are welcome to stay in the Gathering Room if it is open as a daytime warming center. Overnight guests are welcome to enjoy dinner and breakfast if they are here when those meals are served.
  • Please note, rules for entry still apply to Winter Contingency guests:
    • Must present a valid ID
    • No current warrants; and/or crimes against a minor
    • Must be able to pass a breathalyzer test with a 0.0 reading
    • Must be able to pass a drug test to ensure they are not currently under the influence of any substances
To the best of our ability we will not turn people away who need to be kept safe from the cold. That’s where you come in! We are a tiny team and need your support and partnership to make this work.
If you’re as passionate about loving the homeless as we are, here’s what you can do to help…
  • Love your neighbor! When you see someone that looks like they need shelter from the cold, please take the time to stop and show some compassion.
    • Tell them about Fellowship Missions and explain our Winter Contingency Program.
    • Help them get here – give them directions, offer them a ride, or pay for a cab to ensure they make it here safely.
    • Look past their situation and take the time to listen to their backstory.
    • Offer to pray for them. Sometimes all it takes is being seen, heard, and shown some love to give someone the hope to keep fighting.
  • A 26% influx of people means we have more people to feed, house, etc. That requires additional resources including funds, food, cots, and more.
    • Make a financial contribution here to help cover the increase in operational expenses through the winter months.
    • Donate directly to the specific needs of the winter contingency program here. This includes pillows, pillowcases, sleeping bags, cots and meals for the additional winter residents.
    • Donate pantry or shelter items off our current needs list. We try to keep this updated weekly but feel free to call before making purchases.
    • Become a volunteer – we are always in need of friendly people to work the front desk, or serve in the kitchen.